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Are you a "Baby Boomer", senior or an entrepreneur over 50 that wants to use the Internet to have a successful home based business?

If so, than this site is for you.


Seniors Home Business

Research is showing that every 7.7 seconds someone in the United States turns 50.

Nearly 8,500 new home businesses start every day and the number of home-based businesses in the United States surpassed 20 million recently. Will you be the next senior with an Internet home business?

You basically have two choices: 1) sell your own product / service or,  2) sell a product / service that someone else owns.  Unless you already know what you want to do, I would suggest starting with selling other peoples products and receiving a commission. You can do this by learning about  affiliate programs.

Review the page with my Top 10 Home Senior Businesses to give you some ideas in case you are still wondering what you want to do.

Here is an excellent place to look for a home job >> Home Job Stop

Be sure and check out our Senior Business Resources to learn more about your various options.  Also, to gain additional knowledge about having a successful Internet business, review various articles in our home business articles  section.

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Watch the short "music" video below: What will you retire to?


Learn the

"Secrets" of Profitable Home Based Businesses

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Home Business eBook

I have created a Home Business eBook that outlines the 7 steps necessary to set up your own home business.  

You can get my eBook at no cost by signing up for my newsletter.

After reviewing all the information contained on this website as well as following the links that provide additional information, you will be well equipped to start or expand your home Internet business.


Internet Home Business

The quickest way to have a profitable Internet home business is to learn from those who are already successful.  Why spend weeks or months with the trial and error process when you can learn from others who are already using the Internet to make a living from home?

Don't be bogged down with information overload when you can get straight to the facts.  Learn what business strategies work . . . and what doesn't work.  

Even though the concepts and marketing strategies in most cases will be the same whether or not you are over or under age 50, this site focuses on those over 50.  Maybe you have been "downsized", laid off, forced into early retirement or just looking to earn some extra money.  This site will have the answers for you to profitably operate your own home business.

To your success,

Howard Jamison

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